Monday, December 22, 2014

A Doll For Christmas

A week or so ago one of the bloggers I read on a regular basis had a post about taking her young niece to the American Girl Doll Store for tea and to pick out a new doll as her Christmas present. The girl chose a doll which resembled herself.

The post reminded me of a similar gift I gave my granddaughter Alyssa almost two decades ago. I couldn't afford an American Girl Doll but there was a similar line of dolls at that time called The Magic Attic Club. I was pleased that they had a doll that I thought would be perfect for Alyssa because of her looks, name and outfit.

Allison even had her own "The Secret of the Attic" book, a plastic hair brush and a key shaped necklace for Alyssa.

Allison with her brush and the key necklace. Accessory sets for the Magic Attic dolls included hats, back packs and other items that fit their characters - like a soccer ball for Allison.

When I learned that an American Girl Doll tea was planned for the Des Moines area, I got tickets for Alyssa, her mother, Shelly, her aunt (my daughter) Kari and myself.

Aly didn't mind that her doll wasn't an AG, she proudly took her along to the tea. I noted she wasn't the only young lady there with a non AG doll. Obviously she (and we) had a good time!

I think this photo of Alyssa shows why I chose the doll for her that I did:

The jacket, the long blond hair, the mischievous grin. Alyssa has her own real life doll now - one whose grin and personality seem a lot like her Mom's.

Lily's taste in dolls seems to run to Hello Kitty. I wonder if Alyssa stills has Allison and if so, does Lily get to play with her?

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