Friday, March 21, 2014

"In Your Chain of Memories, Remember Me as a Link"

A couple days ago, we met my brother Ron and his wife Marge for lunch in our old hometown and then journeyed to their new home to see it for the first time. While there Ron said he had found Mom & Dad's old autograph books tucked away in a box and wondered if I wanted them.

Well, of course I did! That's Dad's at the top. The cover reads: "Class Autographs". Inside on the first page for autographs is penned: "Just a remembrance from, The Highland School." Highland was the country school in Adams County Dad attended until the spring of 1929 when the family moved to Taylor County where Dad went to Spaulding School. You can see a picture of him at that time and a story about the school here.
There are six autographs from his school mates and one from his teacher. I wish 'Chester' had signed his last name. I can't think of any Chester's in that area at that time. He asks, "Don't you wish you could stay with your school mates?" And refers to the 'fun we've had'.
The Hoyt sisters didn't have much to say, but their brother Ed penned, "Dear Louis, I hate to see you leave such a good Friend as you have here. If you get in trouble this (sic) [did he mean 'just'] get this book out and think of me. Your school Friend, Edward L. Hoyt" Interesting how he capitalized Friend both times and signed his full name. I know he and Dad did remain friends because I remember Dad going to see him throughout my childhood.

The title of today's post is part of what both Hoyt sisters used in their autographs in Dad's book. I am not certain because there's nothing written on the back, but I believe this picture is of left to right, Jeanette, Edward and Josephine Hoyt. That's our dad, Louis, in the back. It was these children's grandparents who originally gave the land for the Highland Church and Highland School. The two buildings were located next to each other. There was also a post office in the Hoyt home for many years serving the area families.

The teacher penned my favorite page of Dad's book. She wrote: "Dear Louis, In the length of time which I've had you as a pupil I can rightfully say it has given me pleasure and joy. Let me commend you upon your high scholastic standing -- and keep it up!
All of us hope you like your new friends as well as we like you. Hoping that you gain the best that this world affords, I am, Your's for success, Lois Wilmarth."

It is nice to know of Dad's 'high scholastic standing'. I think because I grew up hearing he quit high school half way through his freshman year because he "got into trouble", I always assumed he wasn't a very good student.

I love these glimpses into my parents' young lives. Tomorrow, more about Mom's autograph book.

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