Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just A Summer Clan Gathering

I've been sorting, shredding and recycling papers - as I said "I plan" to do in my last blog. And while doing so, I came across, again, something I saved years ago that I felt strongly about keeping and sharing someday. Well, today's the day.
I'm very proud of all my grandchildren - what grandmother isn't? This is something my eldest granddaughter wrote the summer she turned eleven years old. I had a portable electric typewriter the kids loved to "work" at. I'm copying this from the original, just as Katrina wrote it:

                              JUST A SUMMER CLAN GATHERING

THE people at the gathering were Alyssa, Katrina, Zach, Shelly and Doug Botkin. Ian, Linda and Leslie Lynam. Ruth and Ron Lynam and Mike Beavers.

Ruth and Ramona Lynam and Bud Shaffer live at the place we are gathering at. We arrived here on Saturday, July 13 and we will be leaving Sunday, July 14. Leslie and Linda brought a lot of fireworks for after dark. They brought them from Missouri because thats where they live. Ramona gave Katrina and Alyssa Baby-Sitters ClubBooks.
     They were volumes 10 and 12.

     Katrina read a lot of her book that night and so did Alyssa,
     Katrina's was called "Claudia And The Boy babysitter".
     Alyssas book was called "Claudia and the new girl".

     Ron and Ruth were the first ones to leave. Then Mike Bevers left.

       Then Ian, Linda and Leslie left. The last ones to leave were
       Alyssa, Katrina, Zach, Shelly and Doug Botkin

       Katrina got to ride the rideing lawnmower for her first
       time. She going to be 10 in August.

       Zach and Katrina's last name is Johnson.

     Alyssa spent her time makeing a war bonnet to go with her dream-

     Zach's favorite thing to do is play video games with Bud his Grandpa

     Zach's favorite game on Sega Cd is ESPN Baseball Tonight
     and his favorite game on Sega Saturn is Madden 96 the need for speed

     Bud favorite game on Sega c is Beyond the limit
     formila 1 championship. And his favorite game on
     Sega Saturn is Frank Thomous Big Hurt Baseball.

       Zach has a sega at his house..

Bud made a new golf course for his grand children to golf on Alyssa Katrina Zach and Ian had a tournment.

                             Katrina Johnson

Katrina and Grandpa Bud playing golf on the new course.
I remember being so impressed by Katrina's reporting of our summer gathering - including the use of the word clan. I have tried to leave it just as she wrote it. Yes, there are a few misspellings and punctuation errors - but look how many there aren't! For her age she did an amazing job. I was proud of her then and I'm even more proud of her today. She is a very caring young woman with a busy life trying to balance family, work and free time. I doubt she's had time to write any stories or reports lately, but if she has, I would love to read them. I wonder if she remembers writing this?

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