Sunday, July 28, 2013

More From Our Lazy Days Weekend

There were many activities for the returning Red Raiders in Corning this weekend. Some of the ones we partook of included visiting the Johnny Carson Birthplace house. My brother, Ron, is on the committee working to restore the home as it was when Johnny was born there. I didn't think to take pictures of the outside of the house, so this one is from an article about the project from the Omaha World Herald in May.

Ron was one of the tour volunteers. As he led us into the kitchen, he said, "You might recognize the chairs." Of course. They are the ones I had of our Grandmother Bessie Lynam's. I used them with her table and buffet when we lived in West Des Moines, but had passed them on to my brother when we moved and didn't have room for them. As I recall, Grandma Bessie was a big Johnny Carson fan. What would she think of her chairs now being associated with Carson's memory?

Ron also donated the bed for the room in which Johnny was born. My nieces, Lorrie and Christine, grew up with this in their bedroom. I believe it was one of their Mom's auction or garage sale finds. Ruthie was a very talented furniture restorer. I'm sure she sanded and painted the old iron bed for her daughters' room. Ruthie was also a big Johnny Carson fan. I know she would be delighted that the bed is now part of the Johnny Carson Birthplace!

When I moved back to Corning in 1995, I worked at the Adams County Free Press which for decades had been located in the old Opera House. This photo of it shows our 50th Class reunion float coming down the street in front of it. The building was on the National Historic Register. In 2000 a Historic Restoration Committee was formed and last year the fully restored old Opera House had its grand opening.
I had seen what the opera house looked like before while working at the Free Press. Yesterday I got to see the after. 

The pictures I took did not turn out as I would have liked except for this one showing the beautiful, original woodwork of the balcony. You can see more pictures and the story about the Opera House and its restoration here.

Tomorrow some concluding pictures and comments about the weekend.

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