Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forty-Five Years Ago Today in Colorado.....

....I got one of the best sisters-in-law. My brother Ron married Ruth Anne Nicolaisen. And since we already had one Ruth Lynam (our mother) in the family, she was always known to us as Ruthie.

On a visit back to Iowa, July 18, 1968. I do believe that is Dad's old Model A setting out in the orchard just behind Ron's arm.

Mom had this photo labeled "Honeymoon Cottage". I remember Ruthie thinking it was great fun to have their picture taken in the outhouse.

No date on this one, though it is in with some 1969 photos. The way the car is packed, I'm wondering if that is when they moved back to Iowa from Colorado.

In addition to a great sister-in-law, in time I also got a couple wonderful nieces and an interesting nephew.


  1. Some very nice pictures...sure do miss Aunt Ruthie...btw...can you tell me what kind of car that is in the last picture?


    1. 1966 (I think - somewhere in there anyway) Plymouth Barracuda. He bought it new before moving to Colorado.

  2. Do I dare ask why you said "interesting" nephew? Sorry for the two year late reply..