Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Personal History With Champagne

The first time I drank champagne was when I lived in Cedar Rapids in 1967. It was around the time of my 24th birthday - so almost forty-four years ago. And I drank it from one of a set of four of glasses like this one. It may have been this very glass. It is the only surviving one of the set. This coupe or saucer glass style was popular from the 1930's until the 1960's.
It was also the first time I ever had lobster - I loved both new tastes and still do.

I have wondered whether I like wine and champagne because of the taste or because I adore stemware. In addition to my surviving saucer glass, I also have the two plain flutes on the left from a set of six. (Moving around a lot is hard on glassware.) The two crystal flutes on the right are the two I bought one time when Kari and I were staying at a hotel. (I find drinking champagne out of a plastic glass abhorrent.)

In addition to flutes and coupes/saucers, the tulip shaped wine glass is also acceptable for champagne. I once had a set like this and was really sad when the last one got broken.

A set of six of these crystal flutes does survive after having them many years - mostly because they were still in a box in a shed while we lived on the farm. I didn't find them again until we moved.

This boxed gift set of two Galway Crystal flutes from Ireland are my most treasured champagne flutes. Bud gave them to me when we got married. They are etched with the Irish Claddagh - Heart, Hands and Crown for Love, Friendship and Loyalty. I rarely use these. I would be really, really sad if one of them got broken.

Champagne has become the drink of celebrations - weddings, New Year's, birthdays, job promotions, etc. I like champagne any time, but there are three times a year I always drink some from one or more of my remaining glasses - Mother's Day, my birthday and New Year's Day.

Ever since I read Ian Fleming's book, Dr. No, when I was in my early 20's, I have wanted to taste Dom Perignon champagne. There are more expensive champagnes, but this one has always seemed the epitome to me.

Maybe it is time to start my bucket list......headed by a bottle of Dom Perignon (chilling in a bucket).

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