Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeling Like A Grandma

Thirty years ago today, I became a grandmother. That's me holding baby Brock. His dad, my son Doug, is on the right. Brock's mom, Diane is on the left. Behind on the left, my daughter, Kari, and on the right, my son, Preston.
Being a young grandma has had many advantages - the number one being that I was able to keep up with my grand kids.

This weekend, however, found me feeling more like a grandma. Saturday we drove as far as Waterloo so we could get up early to drive the last hour or so to Decorah in time to attend granddaughter Alyssa's graduation from Luther College Sunday morning.
Humidity and wind were high and rain threatened, but the outdoor commencement was successfully held. The backyard of the house Alyssa shared with four other senior girls was the perfect spring backdrop for our picture taking.

Left to right: Alyssa's parents, Shelly and Doug, the happy graduate, myself and Bud. At this point I was already beginning to feel tired, but there was a four hour drive ahead of us to make it to Winterset in time for a graduation reception for......

granddaughter, Kathryn. Her Winterset High School commencement was held earlier in the afternoon. Kathryn will be attending Coe College in Cedar Rapids in the fall. So I'm already imagining another cross state commencement in four years.

Above left to right, Grandpa Bud, Mom Shalea, graduate Kathryn, Dad Preston and Grandma Ramona. I think you can tell I was getting pretty tired. How do grandparents who have their grandchildren later in life manage? I still have three more to graduate from high school. Is there a tonic out there which will keep me going?

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