Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leaves of Art - Flowering Tea

I first learned of Numi Flowering Tea when Kari, Shelly and I celebrated their birthdays at Thymes Remembered Tea Room and Calico Shops in Perry in June, 2009.
Over the years I have enjoyed lunch, tea and shopping there with my daughter, daughters-in-law and friends. It is always a delightful experience.
I really had no idea what kind of tea I was ordering that day. So when the waitress brought a box of what looked like dried flowers for me to choose from, I chose what I thought was the 'prettiest' - the Starlight Rose - which turned out to be silver needle white tea with a delicate rosebud center.

My Christmas gift from Shelly this season was the Numi Dancing Leaves Teapot with five flowering tea blossoms.

Flower Jewel is white tea crowned by a bright pink amaranth flower. "The dancing petals blissfully open as sweet jasmine scents this captivating elixir."

Starlight Rose is delicate silver needle white tea leaves handsewn around a tender rosebud. "The soft, lucent, liquor and subtle aroma of roses yields a smooth mellow flavor".

Dragon Lily is an arrangement of superb white tea sewn around an orange lily and sprinkles of osmanthus flowers. "The translucent liquor imparts a velvety, luscious apricot flavor."

Golden Jasmine is rare golden-tipped black tea scented with delicate jasmine. "Its sienna hue exudes a smooth depth that holds a divine floral perfume and hits of chocolate."

Emerald Sun is a cluster of green tea leaves radiating around a white chrysanthemum flower.

"Mellow and nutty, the scent delights the senses with it alluring sweet smoothness."

This morning I tried the first of the five blossoms. Here is Emerald Sun just starting to steep. You can see the white chrysanthemum beginning to open. The other four wrapped teas are also displayed along with some almond crescents and my favourite shortbread - Walkers.

Almost ready to drink; isn't the color enticing?
And I just love the little glass teapot. It is the perfect size for two cups of tea.
Instructions were to let the tea steep three to four minutes - until the flower had fully opened - then swirl the tea to even the flavor before serving.
It seemed to me the second cup was more flavorful, probably from steeping longer. According to the instructions each flowering tea can be re-steeped two to three times. I'm about to find out as I try steeping another pot of Emerald Sun.

(Shelly said she found this Numi dancing leaves teapot boxed gift at World Market. Or you can find it at www.numitea.com)

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