Friday, December 10, 2010

"Why Haven't You Been Blogging, Grandma?"

One of my sweet grand-daughters called me a few nights ago to ask that question and "Are you doing OK?" Not only does she know me well, she is also very caring.
I'm actually doing better this year. -- So far. I've made it through the xmas shopping - only the odious wrapping left to do. Then I can begin enjoying the best part of the holidays - being with family.
This photo is the last one taken of my Mom. It was at the Good Samaritan Christmas party December 7, 2003. Instead of treasuring it, I have disliked it - for one reason. The blouse Mom had on was not hers. It belonged to the other Ruth at the Care Center and got mixed up with Mom's clothes. Of course the person helping Mom get ready for the party could not have known that. (Nor did Mom.)
I have decided to quit hating this photo and begin instead to be grateful I have it of her. (Perhaps being grateful for the years I had with Mom will also help me be less depressed this time of year.)

I found this photo a while ago. Mom loved it and so do I. It was taken at Aunt Lois and Uncle Alvin's 60th Anniver-sary open house (February, 2000). I don't remember the circumstances, but for some reason Mom was sitting on Paul's lap when the picture was taken. Obviously, they were both having fun.
Paul Mitchell was Uncle Alvin's brother. They grew up just down the road from Mom and Aunt Lois - lifelong friends.
I like to think they were remembering something from their youth - laughing about it and feeling like kids again.

Mom's evident happiness is the way I like to remember her.

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